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Hey fellow commerce students,

Are you looking to get involved and be a role model for incoming first years? Are you outgoing and love DeGroote? If this sounds like you, we need your help!

The 2012 Welcome Week Committee is currently looking for students who wish to represent DeGroote as Greensuits. For those of you that don’t know, Greensuits are the commerce faculty’s Welcome Week representatives. We facilitate activities for incoming commerce students throughout Welcome Week.

To audition, you will need the following:

  1. Find 2-6 group members.
  2. Sign your group up for an audition date on the door of the DCS office (DSB 131). The available times are as follows:
    – Sunday March 4th from noon – 8:00pm.
    – Saturday March 10th from noon – 4:00pm.
    – Sunday March 11th from 1:00pm – 7:00pm.
  3. Prepare a creative 10-15 minute audition.
  4. Fill out this application form and bring it with you to your audition: Greensuit Application 2012

Additional Information & FAQ

  • Where will the auditions be held?
    Meet us in the lobby of the DeGroote School of Business five minutes before your audition begins.
  • What should my audition be like?
    We encourage you to be creative as possible with your audition. It can be a short presentation, skit, musical performance, or anything else that will get our attention and show us you are fun and are outgoing! Please don’t be crude.
  • How long should my audition be?
    The audition itself should be approximately 10-15 minutes. The audition will be followed by a more formal 10-15 minute group interview.
  • What are the commitments associated with being a Welcome Week Representative?
    Welcome Week is a big commitment that will require you to be on campus almost everyday. You will be helping to coordinate activities for first year students, and be a leader and mentor for them during Welcome Week and throughout the school year.
  • I still have questions regarding auditions, who can I contact?
    You can email welcomeweek@degrootecommerce.ca for any questions regarding Welcome Week.