The DeGroote Commerce Society runs many social and academic events through our committees. These committees are hired and report to the executive of the DeGroote Commerce Society.

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2015-2016 Committee Co-Chair Messages

Not sure what stream of business to major or specialize in? Do you know all the options available to you as a DeGroote student? The Backpacks to Briefcase Conference can provide you with all the answers you are searching for!

We understand how confusing deciding which field of business to pursue. That is why the Backpacks to Briefcase (b2B) Conference is a day long event dedicated to exposing students to their options at the DeGroote School of Business (DSB). b2B provides students with an opportunity to attend five (5) sessions, each providing information on the different streams in commerce; Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, and Information System. We hope this will provide insight to students of the benefits of each field and get them thinking about which specialization best suits them individually. Each field will be an hour-long featuring two industry business professionals, a DSB professor, and an executive member from the streams’ respective DCS club. Networking session(s) within the conference will allow students to interact with professionals and gain a better understanding of what industry has to offer.

We hope to put together a conference that cultivates continued education while gaining insight on the options available in commerce at DSB!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Jasmeen Deol & Mohamed Al-Nabhan

Commerce Formal:

Are you looking to have an unforgettable night? That’s what we’re going for! Suit up, dress up, and prepare your picture perfect selves for The Commerce Formal 2016! Last year the committee was able to give you an incredibly successful formal and this year the 2016 formal committee wants to kick it up a notch. Be ready for all the opportunities that are going to be presented to you to get involved in the organization of the whole night! Starting this September we will be posting various links and surveys to get your feedback on what you want to see in the formal so that, with your help, we can create one of the best nights of YOUR lives. We want to hear what you have to say so feel free to contact us with feedback,comments, criticism or any ideas you might have for our upcoming formal. WANT TO GET IN ON THE BEHIND THE SCENES ACTION? Well, we’ll be hiring an executive team on first week of September and volunteer opportunities will be available ! So clear your schedules for January, get your dancing shoes ready, and we’ll see you at the Commerce formal 2016!

Committee Co-Chairs: Yasaman Asghari, Shanzay Fayyaz

The DeGroote Business Challenge is an annual case competition open to all students of the DeGroote School of Business. This experiential learning program gives students the opportunity to apply the concepts they learn in the classroom to real life cases and in turn, broaden their understanding of teamwork, critical-thinking and problem solving skills. The DeGroote Business Challenge pairs students into groups of two to compete in case studies in one of three fields of business: Accounting, Human Resources or Marketing.

The DeGroote Business Challenge format was completely revamped last year to meet students’ growing demands for challenging and rewarding academic programs. The new format was a huge success and the DBC will be taking on the same approach in the upcoming academic year. Again, first and second year students will compete separately from third and fourth year students in all three fields. The first and second year students will be given their cases three days in advance of the actual case competition and third and fourth year students will be given their case three hours prior to prepare their cases on the actual date of the competition. The DeGroote Business Challenge will also incorporate a series of training sessions and practice cases, called the “Challenge Series.” Leading up to the competition day, this month long initiative will run training sessions on topics such as presentation and case analysis skills, a series of practice cases, as well as a mock case competition. The Challenge Series aims at developing the invaluable skills that students will be necessary to the completion of the competition, and to the achievement of their personal career goals.

The DeGroote Business Challenge is open to all undergraduate commerce students! Teams of two compete against each other to win monetary prizes. Students at DeGroote will meet new friends, network with industry professionals and learn from real world applications. The competition is an opportunity for students to gain confidence in presenting, work on professionalism and ability to work in a team under time constraints. Don’t shy away from this chance to build your skills and win the DeGroote Business Challenge!

Best of luck,

Eric Larkin & Mominah Malik

As university students, we all go through so many different and amazing experiences in our four years of undergrad. Currently, we are in the midst of achieving a degree that reflects our hard work and intelligence in hopes of making something of ourselves. However, we often forget that we can do even more. We are the future business leaders of today and we should never underestimate our ability to make a difference. DeGroote Impact is a committee operating under the DeGroote Commerce Society and its purpose if to motivate and bring together McMaster students to participate in events that bring awareness to important issues in our community. A few of the events that we organize and implement include: CIBC Run for the Cure, 5 Days for the Homeless, Movember, and more. Our goal for this year is to provide every DeGroote business student with chances and opportunities to get involved through charitable actions and with non-profit organization to strengthen the community we are all apart of. Together, we can achieve greater goals and create a brighter future for those in need.

If you have any questions whatsoever on how to get involved or have any ideas, you can get a hold of us by e-mail at:

Co-Chairs: Rachel Roach & Monika Pobiedzinski

Grad Formal is a night dedicated to the graduating class of the DeGroote School of Business to commemorate the memories made over the years of their undergrad. Over the course of the year, our committee is dedicated to creating a memorable night to h​onour these students.

This year, the committee plans to go above the typical dinner and dance and provide an unforgettable night featuring surprise entertainment and lasting memories.With great planning and organization, our team intends to create a formal filled with superb food, fun music, unforgettable photography, and great company. Grad formal gives students the opportunity to enjoy one last event as a class in addition to enjoying a night with their friends, peers and professors who have created an impact through the duration of their undergrad at DeGroote.

We look forward to planning the party of the year!

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Co-Chairs: Georgie Demakos and Nyasha Nyereyemhuka  

Welcome to Greensuits!

We are the leaders that make Welcome Week for the Commerce faculty happen! Welcome Week is a combination of energetic leaders, events, activities, loud cheers, faculty pride, friendships, and last but not least the most memorable week for all first year students!

As Welcome Week Planners we put our heart and soul into making sure that this is the BEST week for both the first year students and our reps. Our planning begins in the early month of March and does not stop until the end of the school year. Close attention to detail goes into all aspects of our planning, whether it is the venue chosen for Faculty Day & Faculty Night to selecting the coolest swag to give to every Commerce student to represent the greatest faculty around!

Why are we here? Our purpose as Planners and representatives of the Commerce faculty is to make the transition of incoming first year students easy, comfortable, fun, and memorable. We want every student to succeed within the DeGroote family and show Commerce pride!

Commerce Welcome Week Planning Team:

Anna Salazar, David Anzarouth, Alisa Van Veen & Mary Georgious

JDC Central is one of the most prestigious Canadian commerce competitions in which 14 business schools across Canada compete for the title “School of the Year”. It is an experience in which students develop the ever necessary skills needed for the business environment, build relationships and networks which will aid them in fostering their personal and professional growth, and represent the heart of their school spirit. In the three day event, students compete in skill worthy academic case studies, professionally intensive debates, vigorous sports tournaments, and very outrageous and spirit filled social challenges.

To know more about JDCC DeGroote, please visit

JDCC DeGroote Captains: Corbin Broad & Henry Nguyen |

Quarterly Profit is the official DeGroote Commerce magazine that publishes four themed issues per year – September, November, January and March. With each issue, the magazine aims to expand the horizons of students, faculty and alumni, as well as reflect the unifying vision and spirit we call the DeGroote experience. The Quarterly Profit is committed to providing readers with uniquely insightful and inspiring content that will be a source of inspiration and enhance the DeGroote experience.

Content consists of numerous articles covering diverse business topics such as input from faculty, alumni and industry professionals; local and international business trends; and a range of business topics, including Economics and Finance, Marketing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship; and many more!

In addition, we emphasize on student contribution where we include sections dedicated to helping students with their current and future endeavours as business students and as future business leaders to supplement their experience at DeGroote and play a meaningful role in their student life and development.

Editor-in-Chief: Imran Dhalla |

Behind every great yearbook is a great committee. We want to create a memorable yearbook that preserves your university life. From restless nights of Rita Cossa’s reports, you have all made wonderful memories with your friends, classmates and professors! You made the memories, you felt the emotions and as the Yearbook Committee, we want to preserve them.

We want you to remember from the first day spent at welcome-week to the moment you step up to the podium to receive your certificate. However, we need your help. We need PHOTOS! As the yearbook being part of your tuition fee, take this opportunity to SEND us photos. We want the yearbook to capture the DCS events you’ve partake in, every MSU event that you’ve showed school spirit, as well as YOUR university life. Help us reserve those memories!

Help us create a yearbook that embodies a true McMaster Commerce Student and that is YOU!

Zalby Salvacion and Kandace Forbes

Yearbook Committee Co-Chairs

As current students and future business leaders, we must remain nimble, giving strong consideration for forward-thinking business practices. DeGroote Green is an ADVOCACY, ADVISORY, and ACTION committee with the mission of bringing environmental issues to top-of-mind amongst the DeGroote community. Different functions of the committee include: (1) Educating students on different environmental issues and providing tips on how to make a difference. (2) Working with different groups such as the DCS and its committees to support the successful planning and execution of events and operations that are planned with environmental thought. (3) Engaging our student community to make an impact through various initiatives.