Why Get Involved?

  • Career-Related Experience: Employers love to see students involved in extra-curricular programs, developing key skills; allowing them to hit the ground running in any organization. Here’s proof from the Globe and Mail.
  • Friends & Networks: Getting involved connects you with networks of like-minded students and helps you meet great friends.
  • Giving Back: Volunteering your time or skills gives back to the University and community, which provide students with so much.

How to Get Involved Within DeGroote

  • Executive Teams: The DCS, DeGroote Clubs, DCS Committees, and other programs such as MARS Apprentice and FOCUS 2040 all have small student executive teams coordinating their various operations. Applying to be part of these executive teams allows students to develop relevant business skills such as leadership and endow students with a level of responsibility that would take years to earn in the business world.
  • Volunteer/Participate: Joining a DeGroote Club to learn about a business focus that interests you is a great way to get involved. Volunteering at events such as 5 Days for the Homeless or programs such as High School Business Heroes helps students learn about the various organizations within DeGroote and meet other student leaders. Fun and outgoing student leaders all band together in the famous Green Suits Welcome Week representative group, which welcomes First Year Commerce students to McMaster.
  • Attend/Compete: Attending DCS social events such as Commerce Formal or Mystery Bus Trip are great ways to relieve stress and meet friends and the student leaders at DeGroote. There are also various competitions in DeGroote such as the Business Challenge or Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec which throw students into real-world business scenarios and test their application of classroom teachings.
  • Reach Out: Becoming an active student leader at DeGroote is within every student’s grasp. If you need advice, or just want to find out more, reach out to a DCS executive member or members from any Club, you’ll be surprised how many doors one e-mail can open for you.

How to Get Involved Outside of DeGroote

  • External Business Conferences: The DCS provides bursaries for students for a select number of business conferences at other Canadian Universities. Attending these conferences allows students to meet future business leaders from across the country and develop business competition and networking skills outside of DeGroote. Check out the Conferences & Opportunities page of this website for information on approved conferences and the application process.
  • MSU: The McMaster Student’s Union is the student-run, student-focused governing organization at McMaster. The MSU has a plethora of positions, committees, boards, and paid positions available for students who want to get involved. The SRA (Student Representative Assembly) is another great way for students to get involved and advocate on behalf of their faculty. Check out the MSU website for more information.
  • MSU Clubs: During Welcome Week, hundreds of MSU Clubs showcase their operations to students at the Clubsfest. There are student-run clubs for every interest imaginable from Break Dancing to Snowboarding. Find out about the various MSU clubs and information on starting your own here.