The DeGroote Commerce Society sponsors a variety of clubs that mainly focus on the key areas of business. These clubs are run independently of the DeGroote Commerce Society and mainly receive financial support from the DeGroote Commerce Society.


The DeGroote Marketing Association (DMA) is acclaimed as one of the most connected societies within the Faculty of Commerce at McMaster University. The Association has had a decade of success running innovative competitions, conferences and events which create fantastic student experiences.

The DeGroote Marketing Association gives McMaster commerce students the opportunity to extend their marketing knowledge beyond the classroom. We are committed to providing students with the skills that will prepare them for the real world, and we strive to offer a rich variety of experiences that will serve as a foundation for a career in marketing.

Our mission is to create a collective community that sparks student leadership and fosters innovation within the disciplines of Marketing, Advertising, Retail and Sales. We pride ourselves on the diverse experiences we offer that encourage students to pursue their passion for marketing while growing professionally and personally through exceeding our objectives of education, communication and advocacy.

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The DeGroote Human Resources Association (DHRA) is dedicated to providing students the opportunity to learn more about the Human Resources profession. The DHRA exposes students to an experience outside of the classroom, promoting and generating awareness about the HR filed, including relevant information on the profession, HR designations, and available career paths. The Association also allows students to network with local professionals while participating in competitions and programs. As Human Resources becomes a strategic business partner in business today, the DHRA focuses on the professional growth and development of all members, to prepare today’s students to become tomorrow’s HR leaders.

You are encouraged to come out for a great year of events including: social gatherings, information sessions on competitions (i.e. JDCC and OBCC) and the recently updated HR professional designations (CHRP, CHRL, CHRE); Speaker Series which include networking opportunities with local professionals, and workshops designed to enhance your soft skills. The DHRA also provides opportunities to meet, network and attend events with fellow DeGroote students, and members of both the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) and Ontario Municipal Human Resources Association (OMHRA). The DHRA is a proud supporter of Human Resource Case Competitions and encourages all members to participate and achieve success.

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The DeGroote Finance Association (DFA) is one of the largest and most enduring clubs at McMaster University, tracing its roots back to 1985. Our core mission is to bridge the gap between the classroom and the boardroom. We provide our members with the tools necessary to succeed in today’s fast-paced finance industry by offering hands-on educational seminars, exclusive social and networking events. The club is open to all faculties at McMaster and provides students the necessary resources to break into the challenging and exciting financial services industry.

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The DeGroote Accounting Association (DAA) is a student run association within the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University. Since its inception, the DAA has provided students with unique opportunities related to the field of accounting and helped students become aware of the different accounting career paths. The association provides students with a variety of professional development opportunities including, but not limited to, a night dedicated to each of the accounting designations, informationsessions featuring industry professionals, a tax clinic and an annual case competition.

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Our Mission: We are dedicated to the continuous education of students and we strive to raise awareness for the field of information systems, with the goal of providing practical tools for both personal and professional development.

Objective: Our primary objective is to connect students through all specializations within the DeGroote School of Business and help them learn about information systems. We will do this by providing knowledge and awareness for all students through the use of networking/speaking events, program and specific designation workshops. The club will utilize those tools to help build the skills required for the ever changingworld of Information systems and technology.



The motive of DeGroote Women in Business is to fully engage, motivate and empower female business students through business education and experience. It is the club’s mission to create a platform where students can openly address issues concerning women in the business world. DWIB aims to provide mentorship, awareness and exposure to different industries and companies through various events. DWIB will be increasing awareness and marketability of the talented female business students, facilitating communication between them and various industry professionals. Moreover, DWIB will empower one another to achieve success both academically and professionally. In industries currently dominated by males, DWIB strives to decrease the obstacles faced by female business students by helping them realize their full potential and value as amazing businesswomen.

The goal is to facilitate a smooth and confident transition from an academic environment to a professional environment. Our goal is to develop and organize unique and valuable opportunities to benefit both students and partners. DWIB will provide a platform for the talents of the present to meet the leaders of the future. With a vision in collaborating with business schools for exclusive events, DWIB also hopes to bring to DeGroote many beneficial events such as speaker series, workshops and a fashion show.



The DeGroote Operations Association (DOA) is a new student-run association within the DeGroote Commerce Society. The DOA aims to provide undergraduate Commerce students with valuable insight into the Operations and Supply Chain Management industry, hosting events that increase awareness of the industry, encourage personal career development and provide networking opportunities between Operations Management students. The DOA will explore many areas of the industry that include Purchasing, Demand and Supply Planning, Warehousing and Logistics. The DOA is looking forward to being a part of the DeGroote community as it hosts multiple events throughout the year.

For more information, please check out the DeGroote Operations Association website.