Conferences and Competitions

Looking to build a network? Learn from Industry Professionals? Represent the DeGroote School of Business? Well you are in luck! DeGroote is looking to pay you to attend the many conferences and competitions taking place across Canada!

The DeGroote Commerce Society is willing to reimburse delegate fees up to $300 (or 4 conference reimbursements coming up to that amount) so long as you are a full time student and not on internship.

Both internal and external conferences, competitions, and events are activities that the DCS endorses as they deem to be a beneficial aspect to student life. The DCS defines a conference to be “an event, either one day length or up to several days in length, where students participate in a series of scheduled activities held by a commerce institution or organization, or with a commerce theme at focus.”

If the event you are looking to attend fits the above definition, the DeGroote Commerce Society is willing to reimburse 50% of the delegate fees up to $300 per student, per academic year (or 4 conference reimbursements coming up to that amount) so long as you are a full time commerce student and not on internship.

We have provided a list of conferences for students to attend that is attached below. If you would like to attend an event that is not listed, send an email to and provide a brief description regarding the date, cost, hosting university/organization and a paragraph as to why DeGroote should be represented at this event.

Complete the following form AFTER you have attended your event and place the form in the mailbox outside DSB 131 with the receipt of the conference. Once this is done, you should have a reimbursement of funds within two weeks.

Ambassador Program

If you are interested in being a conference ambassador and recruiting other DeGroote students to attend your conference, you will be eligible to be refunded up to $400 for the school year and 75% of the delegate fees for the event you will be the ambassador of.

This reimbursement will override the regular reimbursement but you will need to complete the Ambassador Application Form BEFORE you attend the event and the Reimbursement Application Form AFTER you attend the event. You will also have a total limit of $400 to be reimbursed for the year.


– Can only be an ambassador one (1) time per academic year (2015-16)

– Can only be an ambassador for external conferences only (no internal conferences)

– Must submit both applications

– You will receive an email stating if you were selected to be the ambassador. If you do not receive an email, you can attend the conference as a regular attendee (50% reimbursed, up until $300)

– Only one (1) ambassador per conference/ competition can be selected (first come basis)

– Ambassadors will receive 75% off of their delegate fee WHEN:

Get at least one (1) other student to attend the conference

Take at least one (1) photo at the conference that can be posted to the DCS Website and Facebook page

Write a maximum of 250 words on key takeaway / learning from the conference

If the above is not completed, only 50% will be reimbursed!

Important Documents

Conference Reimbursement Form

Ambassador Application

Conference List

Canadian Association of Business Students

Click here to access the list of conferences and competitions events lookbook for the CABS